10 Great Wedding Photo Ops in D.C.

I recently came across this article which lists some of the best places in D.C. to take wedding photos. After going through the list, I felt like a number of fantastic locations were left out. So I am compiling my own list of places not included on that lineup. These spots are either less popular (so fewer crowds or photo-bombing) or more unique than having your picture taken in front of the Capitol building. (Snore.) Here are 10 great spots for your wedding (or engagement) photo shoot…

1.  The National Arboretum – This public park has acres upon acres of land, from a wide open meadow/field to tons of flowers and unique plants to forests. Plus, you can see the old columns that used to be at the Capitol building. The edge of the park adjoins with the scenic Anacostia River.

2.  Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens – Another National Park, this one filled with swamp creature and water lilies galore. There are numerous low bridge-paths that wind throughout the park that create a romantic setting.

3.  Maine Avenue Fish Market – If you are a seafood addict like myself, then you will want to include this soon to be destroyed location. The fish market in South West is the best place in D.C. for fresh fish and seafood. It sits on the bank of the Potomac River which aides in a lovely view. Sadly though with the construction for a renovated SW Waterfront, it doesn’t look like this place will be around forever.

4.  Georgetown – Speaking of lovely Potomac views, the waterfront in Georgetown is another great option. Or take to the cobblestone streets or hang down by the canal. Georgetown is full of wonderful places for photo taking.

5.  The National Zoo – Any animal lover will want to include the zoo in their list of places to have their photo taken. The National Zoo has wooded pathways, rocky terrain, winding walkways, and this awesome high bridge over the Elephant enclosure:

6.  The World War Two Memorial – This memorial has it all: dedication to each state, a fantastic water feature, and little alcoves. Why wouldn’t you want to have your photo taken here? Plus, it looks great all lit up at night!

7.  The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool – While everyone will be taking photos at the actual Lincoln Memorial, you can stray a little and head down to the pool’s edge. Playing with the reflections or just being able to have a flat and serene surface of water looks nice.

8.  Eastern Market – The stalls both indoors and out create a lively scene for a photo opportunity. Or head to the market in the evening for a more calming atmosphere. The old building is a great backdrop for photos.

9. The Newseum balcony – From atop the balcony at the Newseum, you are right in view of the Capitol building. The façade of this museum is contemporary with a lot of glass and sharp angles, if you’re into that look.

10. The Yards Park – As a contrast to the sharp edges at the Newseum, the playful curves of the bridge at the Yards Park is another great photo destination. Or simply chose the green grass or historic buildings that line the park for a pretty setting.


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