Wedding Photo Ops in the Maryland Suburbs of D.C.

The past two days I have covered prime locations for your wedding and/or wedding photos in D.C. and it’s Virginia suburbs. So today We are heading up to Maryland to check out the beautiful places to have you photo taken if you’re in that neck of the woods. Maryland has some pretty unique locations for your perfect picture…

National Harbor – This bustling, new part of town sits right on the Potomac River and features the cool statue, The Awakening, relocated from D.C. and a giant Ferris wheel that lights up at night.

Glen Echo Park – Glen Echo was originally incorrectly listed as being in D.C. in this article that inspired my posts. This historic amusement park is now home to art and dance classes and is home to a magnificent carousel.

Billy Goat Trail – This rugged trail is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy hiking along the Potomac, this trail can have some fantastic views.

C&O Canal – The C&O (short for Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal stretches across a good distance of Maryland and into Georgetown, D.C. right alongside the Potomac. Although the canal boats are no longer running, the canal towpath is a beautiful park.

AFI Silver – Located in Silver Spring, this Art Deco movie theater is ideal for movie buffs. This theatre is also a culture center and regularly hosts premiers and events for every type of film.

FedEx Field – Perhaps the two of you are die-hard Redskins fans. Or perhaps you met at one of the many concerts the stadium has accommodated. Either way, this is a really unique location that would make any photo shoot truly memorable.

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