So many things have changed for me in the past three years and there is no way I could have predicted where I would be today. And I’d say for the most part those are mostly good changes. Three years ago I was working at my first non-temporary real deal job in the major I had studied. By this time three years ago, there was talk that everyone in my office would be losing our jobs. We would be getting laid off in the future, but we didn’t know when. It was the calm before the storm. Three years ago I was living with three other ladies sharing an apartment in Maryland, a few minutes away from my parents’ house. Three years ago I was single and dating a lot. And three years ago, I was maintaining this blog on a regular basis- like it was my second job.

That has all changed. And it is weird to think about how I have managed to do it all in three short years. You could say those years were a pivotal point in my life, in shaping who I am today. After my office got laid off, I was unemployed and bounced around at a few jobs. During this period it was difficult for me to keep up this blog on a regular basis. It bothered me that although I had so much more free time, it wasn’t structured like when I worked a desk job, and my blogging motivation had diminished. (Thankfully, I’ve gotten that blogging bug back!)

There are the small changes, like my wardrobe choices mainly at work: I used to exclusively wear thong-sandals in the summer and I never wore anything other than pants to work. Now, I wear all types of sandals and switch up my work attire with skirts and dresses. It is much easier to reinvent yourself when you surround yourself with new people, and I finally got that chance.

There are the major changes: like, not only am I no longer single, but I also live with my boyfriend. And I no longer live near my parents. I live in a different state- in Virginia. The fact that I have been dating the same person for longer than six months (my previous record) is baffling to think about. These are some things I could not have predicted. My employment has changed too, in a major way. When I left my last “real” job, I told myself I did not want to work in a similar workplace. Today my job is almost a total replica of that job. It still is not my first choice situation, but it is employment which (I have learned the hard way) is better than not. I have also made a conscience effort in the last three years to lose weight and I have been majorly successful- a feat I never thought I could accomplish.

And with all these changes, I feel better about myself. And I feel more secure and confident. I am living in a new decade of my age too. It is the wisdom I have gained from all these changing experiences that has crafted me into the person I have become. I still may be the same at my core, but I have evolved as well. And I have the insight now that I did not have before. Here’s hoping the next three years bring about more pleasant changes!

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