Celebrity Look-Alikes

I was going to write something much more profound today but then I realized that nobody wants to read a long-winded blog post on a Friday, so instead I’m posting something much more Friday-appropriate…

When I was growing up I used to religiously watch the Pokemon cartoon show. I had such a crush on the character, Brock. But I could never really figure out his eye-slats. It looked like he was always squinting, but how could that be possible? He never opened his eyes all the way and he was the only character to be drawn like that. Ever since watching the show, I have been trying to figure him out. I even blogged about it a few years ago, but still hadn’t put this to rest. Brock is so mysterious!


But then I saw a picture of Hollywood’s most recent “big-deal” actor, Chris Pratt and it all made sense to me:

Chris Pratt

Maybe Brock just has really narrow eyes. Or maybe he was based off of Chris Pratt. Whatever the reason, I can now totally see the resemblance and feel much more at ease with solving this mystery.

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