5 Reasons The DC Metro Bus Is Better Than The Metro Rail

Up until a couple months ago, the only mode of public transportation in the D.C. area that I would take to get anywhere was the Metro Rail system. It may not be the best or the most reliable choice, but it was by far the most comfortable choice of transportation I knew of as well as the best option for longest hours running. This has all changed with a new job, and now I find myself taking a public bus to and from work. It was never something I could have foreseen. In fact, aside from the Express bus I take for work, I actually avoid taking the bus because they have a history of getting into frequent accidents or they break down more often.

Even so, I have decided that riding the bus is significantly better than taking the Metro. Although I have only been a regular bus rider for only a few weeks, I can already share these significant reasons why the bus is superior to the Metro rail.

  1. There is guaranteed air conditioning on board. (If I have just jinxed it all, at least the buses have openable windows.)
  2. The riders I have shared rides with are much more courteous than those on the Metro rail. As an example, people will more immediately give their seat up for someone in need and will even get up and help out a lost driver.
  3. If you’re lucky, and the bus driver recognizes you, drivers will sometimes stop for you en route to your stop (i.e: if you’re running late- on the way to a stop). The metro rail can not do this. This is a huge plus!
  4. The bus is much quieter and you are less likely to be disturbed by your fellow riders. Although maybe the blasting air conditioning is just deafening. That, or the other people I ride with are all going/coming to work, so it is a more professional (and tired) crowd.
  5. The bus route is more direct since it isn’t as rigid and pre-planned as rail tracks. This leaves room for improvising in traffic which can save time. The rail cars must single-track or simply wait which instead, adds time to your trip.
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