A Change Is Gonna Come…

This blog needs a change. CAPSLove was born to the outstretched arms of the internet on January 2, 2009. It all started with this simple post. CAPSLove maintained its presence until its last post on January 4, 2012. Three years of existing and then it moved to this present day site on the same day, and CAPSLoveTwo was initiated. It’s been another three-ish years, and that blogging change bug has bit me once more.

So, something is in the works. I am unsure as to what that is, be it a simple change like a new layout or something more drastic: I have been toying with the idea of a new blog title. CAPSLoveTwo doesn’t quite have the ring I was going for originally, and the idea of limiting myself to categories seems unnecessary now. Whatever the change may be, I hope it will last another few years at least and showcase this blog in the most appropriate way possible. I’m now taking name suggestions too. Stay tuned!

Sing it, Sam!

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