If I Could Get Paid To Walk

The past couple days I have been doing a lot of walking around Washington, D.C. For normal people who are walking as much as I have been and in this summer heat, this would be too much. However, I simply love it. I have been known to embark on impressively long walks without growing tired like my companions. I feel as though I never get tired of walking. My legs and feet were just made for walking.

In this state of my life, I have been trying to figure out what my true, dream job is. Although I am good at what I get paid to do and what I studied in college (Graphic Design), I am unsure that is my real calling in life. Sure, I enjoy it, but perhaps there is a better job for me. And what if my dream job was to get paid… to walk? I mean, why not? I love walking. I am good at it, I do it often, and it never gets boring.

Upon a search on CareerBuilder to see what my options were to get paid to walk, there are not many options. I could be a dog walker although that involves walking something, not so much walking myself. Plus, I can not imagine a dog walker gets paid much. Another option is working in health care which could be doable if a specific enough placement was something that interested me. I could use my passion in walking and use it to help out seniors or disabled people. Helping people and getting to walk sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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