Self-Centered Sticks

I don’t take many selfies for the same reason I don’t particularly like the newest product to hit store shelves- Selfie Sticks; they seem too self-centered. I mean, they are quite literally self-centered photography-taking mechanisms. When I decide to reveal myself to the world, I don’t go overboard. Selfie Sticks are made for the types of people who just can’t take enough photos of themselves. Portraiture is one thing, but excessive photography of yourself (usually done in a public setting) is pretty absurd when you think about it.

I can however imagine a few scenarios when Selfie Sticks would come in handy (pun not intended). Because a Selfie Stick’s arm extends, this could be a good way to take a photo or video over top of a crowd or some place you yourself can not see easily, in a way, acting like a periscope. Another use of a Selfie Stick would be to actually take a “Groupie” – A self-taken shot of a group or people. I always find it difficult to maneuver my arm in such a way where taking a group shot from our own angle. A Selfie Stick would only however, give you a better range of motion.

Another good reason to have a Selfie Stick is if you are either extremely shy/have your mouth wired shut/are mute/speak a different language from where you are/or for some reason can not properly communicate with another human being that you want your picture taken. But really, my best guess is that the Selfie Stick was probably made in response to James Franco’s “Selfie-ography”.

What I don’t understand is why your own arms do not suffice. Perhaps the Selfie Stick is the ideal purchase for someone who takes so many picture of themselves that their arms get tired. But I have a better solution for that: just stop.

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