Great Moments For A Shy Person

I am a pretty shy person. Shy people operate differently from those who are extroverted and fearless of human interactions. Although my shyness is not always debilitating, it can definitely hinder seemingly everyday activities and communications. Whether it is talking to a stranger or a familiar face, the scenario can still be seen as an obstacle. Here are a few times when shy people can celebrate getting the better end of an otherwise uncomfortable situation…

Having someone else pull the cord on the bus to request a stop that is also yours.
This is a constant battle in my mind of whether or not I should just pull the cord as soon as I can to alert the driver I want off, or if I should just sit tight nervously, hoping and praying that someone else will relieve me of this duty. There is no way I want to have to reach up to the cord in front of the entire bus. This is even more arduous when I am not sitting or standing near to the cord. The horror!

Someone buying you a drink unexpectedly and anonymously.
Thoughts in my mind when this happens: “Well that was really nice. Thank goodness whoever did this, did not reveal who they were so now I can reap the benefits without having to carry a conversation with a stranger.

Having your teacher or boss call on someone else in a class or meeting whether or not you know the answer to a question.
The fact of whether or not you actually have an answer to what is being asked is completely irrelevant in this situation. Either way, you do not have to publically speak in front of a group. This is a major victory for you.

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