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The D.C. Metro Rail system is always the source of something entertaining to write about. It is also an integral part of my life. Instead of having a love/hate relationship with DC’s prime mode of transportation, I have found that I have a tolerate/hate relationship…

The Cons of the D.C. Metro Bus

On Monday I wrote about how much better the Metro bus is when compared to the metro rail in D.C. but today I’m taking a look at the other side of things. Just because the bus might be better than … Continue reading

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5 Reasons The DC Metro Bus Is Better Than The Metro Rail

Up until a couple months ago, the only mode of public transportation in the D.C. area that I would take to get anywhere was the Metro Rail system. It may not be the best or the most reliable choice, but it was … Continue reading

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A Metro Encounter

Last week, I had a pretty memorable chance encounter on the Metro station in Friendship Heights. As I’m getting off the metro, a cute and younger looking guy approaches me. He asks me something in a European accent… At first … Continue reading

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Street Art: A Robot On The Metro

It’s been a while since the last time I highlighted some fantastic Street Art, but I’m back today to share with you my most recent noteworthy sighting. I do cherish the Friday Street Art postings, and hope to bring forth … Continue reading

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A Scarf For The Homeless Revisted

Last week I wrote about how I knit a scarf for a homeless man, only to have the gift turned down. While I was pretty disappointed with the story’s outcome, yesterday I witnessed a bittersweet occurrence that almost made up … Continue reading

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