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I thought long and hard about what the “P” in this title would stand for. I even read the entire “P” section of the dictionary for the perfect word to use. (Yes, I know. I’m a dork.) I figured this word would cover any thing else that was on my mind that I wanted to write about. I know there are other things I will want to blog about besides my celeb run-ins, my love of art and sports, and whatever love-junk. So this is like my “other” section.

I’ll probably just include notes about my travels, random happenings, note-worthy conversations, crazy things at work, etc.

Great Moments For A Shy Person

I am a pretty shy person. Shy people operate differently from those who are extroverted and fearless of human interactions. Although my shyness is not always debilitating, it can definitely hinder seemingly everyday activities and communications. Whether it is talking … Continue reading

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Self-Centered Sticks

I don’t take many selfies for the same reason I don’t particularly like the newest product to hit store shelves- Selfie Sticks; they seem too self-centered. I mean, they are quite literally self-centered photography-taking mechanisms. When I decide to reveal myself to … Continue reading

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If I Could Get Paid To Walk

The past couple days I have been doing a lot of walking around Washington, D.C. For normal people who are walking as much as I have been and in this summer heat, this would be too much. However, I simply … Continue reading

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A Homeless-Backed Food Truck Concept

I don’t enjoy spending my money, especially when pressured into doing so. However, I don’t mind when I am giving money to those who need it. Today a homeless man approached me and asked if I would “donate” my money to purchase … Continue reading

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A Change Is Gonna Come…

This blog needs a change. CAPSLove was born to the outstretched arms of the internet on January 2, 2009. It all started with this simple post. CAPSLove maintained its presence until its last post on January 4, 2012. Three years of … Continue reading

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So many things have changed for me in the past three years and there is no way I could have predicted where I would be today. And I’d say for the most part those are mostly good changes. Three years … Continue reading

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Watching Out

This morning on the bus into work, a lady across from me was showing off her spiffy new Apple Watch to the riders next to her. While owning an Apple Watch for myself, is not something I would fancy, it … Continue reading

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