5 Reasons The DC Metro Bus Is Better Than The Metro Rail

Up until a couple months ago, the only mode of public transportation in the D.C. area that I would take to get anywhere was the Metro Rail system. It may not be the best or the most reliable choice, but it was by far the most comfortable choice of transportation I knew of as well as the best option for longest hours running. This has all changed with a new job, and now I find myself taking a public bus to and from work. It was never something I could have foreseen. In fact, aside from the Express bus I take for work, I actually avoid taking the bus because they have a history of getting into frequent accidents or they break down more often.

Even so, I have decided that riding the bus is significantly better than taking the Metro. Although I have only been a regular bus rider for only a few weeks, I can already share these significant reasons why the bus is superior to the Metro rail.

  1. There is guaranteed air conditioning on board. (If I have just jinxed it all, at least the buses have openable windows.)
  2. The riders I have shared rides with are much more courteous than those on the Metro rail. As an example, people will more immediately give their seat up for someone in need and will even get up and help out a lost driver.
  3. If you’re lucky, and the bus driver recognizes you, drivers will sometimes stop for you en route to your stop (i.e: if you’re running late- on the way to a stop). The metro rail can not do this. This is a huge plus!
  4. The bus is much quieter and you are less likely to be disturbed by your fellow riders. Although maybe the blasting air conditioning is just deafening. That, or the other people I ride with are all going/coming to work, so it is a more professional (and tired) crowd.
  5. The bus route is more direct since it isn’t as rigid and pre-planned as rail tracks. This leaves room for improvising in traffic which can save time. The rail cars must single-track or simply wait which instead, adds time to your trip.
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Celebrity Look-Alikes

I was going to write something much more profound today but then I realized that nobody wants to read a long-winded blog post on a Friday, so instead I’m posting something much more Friday-appropriate…

When I was growing up I used to religiously watch the Pokemon cartoon show. I had such a crush on the character, Brock. But I could never really figure out his eye-slats. It looked like he was always squinting, but how could that be possible? He never opened his eyes all the way and he was the only character to be drawn like that. Ever since watching the show, I have been trying to figure him out. I even blogged about it a few years ago, but still hadn’t put this to rest. Brock is so mysterious!


But then I saw a picture of Hollywood’s most recent “big-deal” actor, Chris Pratt and it all made sense to me:

Chris Pratt

Maybe Brock just has really narrow eyes. Or maybe he was based off of Chris Pratt. Whatever the reason, I can now totally see the resemblance and feel much more at ease with solving this mystery.

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You’re Gonna Lose Your Phone (A Parody)

Today is Paul McCartney’s (73rd) birthday! And to celebrate, I wrote a parody of a Beatles song about an almost-incident I witnessed on the bus this morning. Below are my lyrics to the tune of the song, “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl“…

You’re gonna lose your phone.
You’re gonna lose your phone.

When you take it / out of your bag and sit it on that ledge
(yeah yeah, you’re gonna lose that phone)
It’s just barely / keeping its balance sitting on that ledge
(yeah yeah, you’re gonna lose that phone)

You’re gonna lose your phone…
Yes, yes, you’re gonna lose your phone.
You’re gonna lose your phone…

The bus is rumbling / all over many a bump.
Before you know it / your phone will come to a thump.

You’re gonna lose your phone…
Yes, yes, you’re gonna lose your phone.
You’re gonna lose your phone…

I’d make a point
To keep your phone secure all day, yeah.
This way you treat it- I feel as though I need a say…

Best you keep it / sitting pretty, tucked onto your lap.
You won’t want it / to end up getting you a bad rap.

You’re gonna lose your phone…
Yes, yes, you’re gonna lose your phone.
You’re gonna lose your phone…

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National Eat Your Veggies Day

Get excited, people! Today I got an email from sandwich mogul, Subway, announcing that it is National Eat Your Veggies Day. When I first saw this, I was a bit skeptical. Was this an actual “holiday” or just something Subway made up to promote healthy eating? After some quick internet research I found out that it is apparently not just some Subway ploy and that is in fact a real thing.

So in celebration of National Eat Your Vegetables Day, I would like to share some photos of vegetables by my favorite photographer, Edward Weston. Although these vegetables are not being eaten, they are being celebrated. These photos show the sensual and seductive side of veggies that I bet you were unaware of until now…


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So many things have changed for me in the past three years and there is no way I could have predicted where I would be today. And I’d say for the most part those are mostly good changes. Three years ago I was working at my first non-temporary real deal job in the major I had studied. By this time three years ago, there was talk that everyone in my office would be losing our jobs. We would be getting laid off in the future, but we didn’t know when. It was the calm before the storm. Three years ago I was living with three other ladies sharing an apartment in Maryland, a few minutes away from my parents’ house. Three years ago I was single and dating a lot. And three years ago, I was maintaining this blog on a regular basis- like it was my second job.

That has all changed. And it is weird to think about how I have managed to do it all in three short years. You could say those years were a pivotal point in my life, in shaping who I am today. After my office got laid off, I was unemployed and bounced around at a few jobs. During this period it was difficult for me to keep up this blog on a regular basis. It bothered me that although I had so much more free time, it wasn’t structured like when I worked a desk job, and my blogging motivation had diminished. (Thankfully, I’ve gotten that blogging bug back!)

There are the small changes, like my wardrobe choices mainly at work: I used to exclusively wear thong-sandals in the summer and I never wore anything other than pants to work. Now, I wear all types of sandals and switch up my work attire with skirts and dresses. It is much easier to reinvent yourself when you surround yourself with new people, and I finally got that chance.

There are the major changes: like, not only am I no longer single, but I also live with my boyfriend. And I no longer live near my parents. I live in a different state- in Virginia. The fact that I have been dating the same person for longer than six months (my previous record) is baffling to think about. These are some things I could not have predicted. My employment has changed too, in a major way. When I left my last “real” job, I told myself I did not want to work in a similar workplace. Today my job is almost a total replica of that job. It still is not my first choice situation, but it is employment which (I have learned the hard way) is better than not. I have also made a conscience effort in the last three years to lose weight and I have been majorly successful- a feat I never thought I could accomplish.

And with all these changes, I feel better about myself. And I feel more secure and confident. I am living in a new decade of my age too. It is the wisdom I have gained from all these changing experiences that has crafted me into the person I have become. I still may be the same at my core, but I have evolved as well. And I have the insight now that I did not have before. Here’s hoping the next three years bring about more pleasant changes!

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Fun Popsicle Molds

The weather is burning up and where’s your relief? If you enjoy crafting your own cold treats as opposed to simply buying them, then you have a number of options. I have already covered milkshakes and smoothies on this blog, but my next food adventure is to explore the world of making your own popsicles. You can get really creative with this by adding alcohol too. Mixing up your own recipes is one step, but they aren’t going to work unless you have got a mold to freeze them in. Let’s look at some especially fun molds you can get online…

The triple threat of cool! Sailboat, Rocket, and Sandcastle! Found: http://www.refinery29.com/uncommon-goods-ice-pop-molds

Fish pops! So summery appropriate. Found: http://www.menusandmusic.com/fish_pops_p/14s-1014.htm

Poke a stick into a plastic Easter Egg! Found: http://kailochic.blogspot.com/2012/03/easter-egg-popsicles.html

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Two Summer Drinks To Try In D.C.

While Summer may not officially begin until next week, in Washington, D.C. the weather has already gotten quite hot. Perhaps it could be that this week for work I have been researching images of alcohol, but with this humid weather, I have been dreaming of the perfect adult beverage to bring upon this weekend. Today I am spotlighting two special alcoholic beverages that you can find in the D.C. area. Both are great to try this summer.

First up is the signature Mason Punch at Mason Social; a brand new restaurant/bar in the Parker Gray neighborhood of Old Town Alexandria, just a short walk from the Braddock Road Metro.  This punch is super refreshing and citrusy and reminded me of a summertime lemonade stand combined with a grapefruit Crush found only at the Delaware beaches. The ingredients are simple: vodka, tarragon, grapefruit, and honey.


There is a major pro/con about this drink: it tastes amazing. That is a good thing because you’ll be happy you ordered it and eager to drink it. That is a bad thing because you could be finishing it more quickly than you might expect. And then your drink will be gone and you will just have to get another!

The second drink is a PB&J at Wisdom, a bar just a few steps away from the Potomac Ave. Metro in SE D.C. I don’t know about you, but whenever I think about picnics on the beach in the summer, I always feel like a good ol’ goopy peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the way to go. This drink is a great way to have that sandwich in liquid form. It comes served with (unusually enough-) dehydrated peanut butter crumbles on top of a gelatinous jelly drink and comprises vodka, Guyot Crème de Cassis, and Frangelico.


This is definitely not your grandma’s drink. It’s more adventurous but you’ll come away from it completely satisfied and in awe that such a drink exists. This peanut butter and jelly drink is definitely one of the most unique concoctions I’ve tried, but I would definitely order it again!

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